Project Information

  • Client: Energy Company
  • Year:2015
  • Category:IVR
  • Services:Development, Project Management

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Our company successfully developed and implemented a sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for a major energy company operating in Southeast and Central Europe. This advanced IVR system is seamlessly integrated with the company's SAP, streamlining call center operations by automating the process of reporting meter readings. Our team meticulously designed the system with a strict flow, ensuring precise message delivery and error handling for incorrectly entered data.

Project Scope

The project involved the comprehensive development and deployment of the IVR system, including:

- IVR Design and Development: Creation of a user-friendly IVR system to automate meter reading reporting.

- SAP Integration: Seamless connection with the company's existing SAP system for real-time data processing.

- Message and Error Handling: Implementation of clear, structured messages and robust error handling mechanisms to manage incorrect entries.

- System Testing: Rigorous testing to ensure system reliability and accuracy.

Key Features

- Automated Meter Reading Reporting: Customers can easily report their meter readings via the IVR system, reducing the call center's workload.

- Real-time SAP Integration: Direct connection with the SAP system ensures instant data updates and accurate billing.

- Structured Call Flow: Strictly defined flow with clear messages and prompts for a smooth user experience.

- Error Handling: Immediate feedback and guidance for customers entering incorrect data, minimizing errors.