Project Information

  • Client:Husqvarna Romania
  • Year:2017
  • Category:WMS
  • Services:Product Management, Project Management, Development, Procurement, Integration

Integrated Warehouse Management System

Our company successfully designed, developed, and implemented an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) tailored for the official Romanian distributor of forestry machinery. This comprehensive system encompasses all aspects of warehouse operations, from product management and project management to the development and procurement of essential equipment.

Project Scope

The project involved a full-cycle implementation of the Warehouse Management System, including:

- Product Management: Detailed inventory tracking, automated reordering, and seamless integration with existing product databases.

- Project Management: Coordination and oversight of all phases, ensuring timely and efficient completion.

- Development: Custom software development to meet specific needs of the forestry machinery distribution industry.

- Procurement: Acquisition and integration of all necessary hardware and equipment to support the WMS.

Key Features

- Real-time Inventory Tracking: Provides accurate, real-time data on inventory levels and locations.

- Automated Reordering: Streamlines the procurement process by automatically generating reorder requests based on inventory levels.

- Custom Reporting: Generates detailed reports to support decision-making and operational efficiency.

- User-friendly Interface: Intuitive design ensures ease of use for all staff members.

- Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with existing ERP and product management systems.