February 28, 2017

Custom Software

Our project recommend us for the custom software development. A couple of projects done until now:
1. IVR for Electrical Supplier (SOAP Conectivity with SAP/Reporting/Phone Call Management)
2. DataCenter Automation (HEX TCP/IP Conectivity with Panasonic PLC/Reporting/Management of rooms and variables)
3. CRM for a Studio (Timesheet/Reporting Purposes/Project Management/Time Management)
4. Bulk Email Solution (Bulk Email Sending/Load Balanced Setup)
5. Database of People for Casting Agency (Building Projects/Adding people/Custom Search/SMS and Email Integration/Client Access/Reports/Logging)
6. B2B integration for warranty purposes (Hansa ERP Integration/Warranty Trace/Reports)

All our custom software is built taking into consideration security,automation,productivity and easy user interface.