Cloud Story

The cloud services are stated as the “future of technology”, but let’s look a little bit into it. The cloud services started to appear when the internet got faster and it got accessible to a lot of people and companies as the prices went down the scale. The idea of the cloud service is to deliver services or software or hardware power through the internet at the time that you need it.

This is a very nice idea for companies that work on projects, so for example you have a project to hold one facebook application for 6 months, if you would have a hosting server, this means that you would pay a fixed price/month for that and even if you don’t have a project you would have to pay for it. For this you could use the cloud, you could go to any cloud supplier, ask him for a 6 months rental of a vps or server, he will send you a price that you include on the invoice to the client. This basically transforms your overhead budget to project budget.

The same thing applies on software licenses, a lot of vendors now can rent you software by the month, so you pay from month to month and you stop paying when you no longer need them, so this is another way to kill the overhead.

Our company at the moment is in Partnership with the three major cloud providers on the market, each one has advantages and disadvantages so in order for you to get the best option suitable for you, just contact us and we will be more then happy to explain everything to you.