Our experience in Web Hosting starts from the year 2002, then it was basic hosting of simple websites for friends, some with MySQL databases some without or some with some file databases. Our idea was to share the service for free with friends in order to learn more. From 2002 to 2016 we basically grew everything, from servers to bandwidth and security. Starting from 2014 we started to offer this service for customers. From 2014 to 2016 we started to attract a lot of clients because of our way to do business. We do not offer you a simple web hosting service like all the the suppliers, we first analyze what you need, based on what you need we create an offer that is suited for you and your business, also, because you never know what will happen, we offer solutions to upgrade/downgrade the services based on your needs.

We learned the hard way that all web hosting servers need a lot of security and you need to monitor everything as closely as possible in order to achieve a perfect host with perfect score and also to be fast enough to serve the pages to the clients. We have a lot of clients coming to us from big hosting companies, because the big hosting companies lack the compassion and the dynamics of us.

To take this to a conclusion, we can offer you from a small web space on a shared hosting server where you can have your own website and emails to the high tech solution of having a server farm cluster with CDN and global caching of the website in order for you to fulfill all the intended customers as fast and as secure as possible.

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