February 27, 2017

Our History

We started off in 2007 as an online IT Shop. After a year of selling IT stuff we started to search new oportunities in the IT business. At this point we ended up with a few clients demanding custom software development, so, we embarked in this new strategy of selling custom software. At this moment our custom software division is providing coding and vision at the same time as we enter the client’s workflow and address all the issues so we end up creating even more then the initial request.

As time passed by we started to provide IT Outsourcing contracts for companies that do not have their own IT Department. At this moment this is the division that moves the company forward and allows us to provide more services at a lower price. You end up with one contract with one company that is able to provide anything in the IT Related business.

The best thing over the years is that we have never lost a client because of us or the services we provided. We are not searching for clients, clients will always get to us through other clients because of our services.